Car Recalls and Personal Injury Lawsuits

March saw car recalls from Ford and Subaru.  Recalls present an interesting dynamic regarding personal injury lawsuits.  The defects could reduce either individual’s potential liability or remove it all together.

Take the reason for the Ford recall as an example. Ford recalled 230,000 minivans from cold-weather states to fix a rust problem that could cause third-row seats to come loose. Though the recall wouldn’t have a direct impact on the driver, the movement of the third seat could distract a driver.  This could lead to an accident.

If an accident were to take place, it seems like it would be the simple answer that the car company would be liable.  But, that’s not always the case.

Many people remain unaware of car recalls or had their accident before the recall was announced.  The case could have settled years ago.  These individuals could have been found liable for their accident when, at least partly, the car manufacturer was to blame.  Further, they might be apprehensive to enter the realm of the legal system again.

That’s why it’s extremely important to have a diligent and experienced attorney look into all possible areas of liability when facing a personal injury claim.