Personal Injury Terms I

In personal injury cases, consumers are unaware of some of the terms used and their meaning. It is important to know these terms so today we will look at a few of these in alphabetical order to get a better understanding. An accident is a term used that means an unforeseen and unintentional act identifiable in time and place. This could be an automobile accident, slip and fall or other type of unforeseen situation. Accidental bodily injury is an injury that is not intentionally inflicted upon you. Accidental death benefit is a form of insurance that provides payment if death of the insured results from an accident, subject to conditions of the specific policy. Accidental death insurance if often combined with dismemberment insurance in a form called Accidental Death & Dismemberment. Another term used that is not well known in personal injury cases, is accidental direct physical loss(ADPL), which is property insurance that covers an insured against essentially all perils except those specifically excluded. An accumulation account is a term, which is an account where funds are added and from which risk charges are deducted. The balance earns interest.

An acquired brain injury means an injury that is not congenital, it occurred at a specific time after birth, which could be an acquired brain injury that is a result from physical trauma or various medical conditions. An act of god is a term some us have heard before which means an occurrence, which results from natural causes without any human intervention that could not have been prevented by reasonable care or foresight, for example lighting strike, flood, earthquake and such. Another term used related to personal injury is aggregate limit, which is the maximum amount that could be paid under the coverage regardless of the number of people injured or the number of items damaged. Another term is an anoxic brain injury, which is when a brain is does not receive adequate oxygen usually resulting from a serious accident where heavy bleeding occurs. Aphasia is a language disorder, which is caused by injury to the cerebral cortex of the brain, which caused the person to have difficulty understanding or verbally communicating a language. Ataxia is a disorder where a person has difficulty with muscle coordination caused by injury to the cerebellum of the brain.

Axonal diffuse injury is where an individual who suffers from a contusion that may also experience a diffuse axonal injury that happens when certain nerves in the brain tissue are damaged. Injury to these axon nerves may cause the victim to call into a vegetative state and can cause death. Bacteria are tiny one-celled microorganisms found in the environment that multiply rapidly in food under the right conditions and some can cause food borne illness. Bodily injury liability term used protects the insured as the owner or driver of a vehicle of sums up to the policy limits which the insured become legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury to a third party. This coverage also pays defense costs against unwarranted legal actions. The limits is usually split with the first figure limiting payment to a single person per accident and the second limiting payment in total for all persons injured. It is always good to have this type of insurance to protect yourself from having to pay out of pocket. We have all heard of brain stem research that has been in the news recently. This controls many important functions of the body including sexual functions a personal growth, which is located at the base of the brain.Carbon monoxide poisoning is a well-known term and when a person is exposed to odorless and colorless chemical it can cause brain damage due to the lack of oxygen to the brain. An example of this would be someone in car that is left running in an enclosed area like a garage. A catastrophic injury is an extremely serious injury that may result in a permanent disability, long lasting medical conditions, and shortened life expectancy. It typically affects at least one part of the body and is very painful.

There is additional personal injury terminology to discuss that people should know about. If you know some of these terms, it is easier to understand in case you are involved in a personal injury case. An experienced Tucson personal injury attorney can explain in more detail depending on the circumstances of your individual case. If you are in an accident and suffer an injury, consult a personal injury lawyer right away to preserve your rights in your potential case.

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