Theme Park Lawsuits: Why it’s Safe to Ride that Roller Coaster.

Sometimes when people visit theme parks someone will try to get out of riding a ride become of some story about the ride being unsafe. They heard it online or vaguely know of a story.  You might let them get out of the ride.  But, when it comes down to a legal perspective, theme parks can’t afford for them to be unsafe.

Recently, Disneyland closed down Space Mountain due to workplace safety concerns.   In April a worker fell while cleaning the ride and broken several bones.  In response, Disney investigated several other rides to insure worker safety.

Theme park accidents seem to happen with somewhat regularity.  But, they aren’t the dramatic injuries of legend.  They come into two types.

First, most of the accidents happen to workers.  It takes quite a bit to keep attractions working. Further, many of the food service vendors face the chance of a being injured on the job. These situations happen with the same sort of regularity as most other businesses.

But, second, of the accents that do happen to patrons a huge portion of them are “slip-and-fall” type claims.  These are claims intended to play of an amusement park’s desire to avoid negative press.

It is because of these cases that more drastic cases don’t happen as often as legends would have you believe.  Slip and fall cases and worker injury cases are in relatively easy to resolve.  However, more serious claims hurt them on both a public relations and financial level substantially.